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            餐桌禮儀:這5件事情你不能做! (雙語版)

            2019-02-16 查查英語社


            1. Don’t keep your phone’s ringer on


            Your phone starts ringing or lights up with a text while at the table. It’s rude, we all know that. So, do something about it.


            2. As the host, don’t finish first


            If you’re hosting the dinner and have gathered a group of friends at a restaurant, you, as the host, have some important responsibilities to keep in mind. “If you are the host, make sure to pace yourself so that you end up being the last one to finish each course,” Czink said.


            3. Don’t reach across the table


            Sharing’s great, after all, sometimes that’s the best part about eating out — getting to try what everyone else ordered. But there’s a polite way, and a not so polite way, to go about taste-testing your dining partner’s grub. “If you feel you must share,” Czink says, “ask the other one to put it on his bread plate and pass the bread plate rather than put your fork into his food.”


            4. Don’t stiff the waiter because the food was bad


            “The waiter didn’t make your food,” Clarke said. “The waiter is there to be knowledgeable about the menu and bring your stuff. If there is an issue, go ahead and say it right away and let the waiter resolve it.” Don’t wait until it’s time to pay and give the waiter less of a tip than he or she really deserves.


            5. Don’t stray too far from the menu


            While slight modifications and special requests are to be expected, and often easily accommodated, don’t go crazy with it. A menu has been thoughtfully prepared by a professional chef, and it’s not to be considered as just a list of ingredients. “Don’t build your own menu or have lots of modifications to the menu,” Arons said. “The chef created something that he wants to share with you.”





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