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            machine bolt造句

            "machine bolt"是什么意思  
            • For climbs less than vertical hangerless machine bolts are recommended to reduce visual impact
            • Applying imported raw material and advanced manufacturing technology , together with modern scientific management system , it is specialized in manufacturing and selling machined bolts , selftapping screw bolts and nuts of stainless steel , copper oriron and hollow rivets of stainless steel , copper , iron or aluminiun in accordance with the standards of china gb , american ansi , japan jis , german din or england bs ; and non - standardized hardware such as cross slots , inner hexagon fastening bolts , expansion bolts , and toy vehicle axles , its products are sold widely in domestic and foreign markets , earning quite high credit among customers
              公司引進國外先進的冷鐓和搓絲設備,采用進口原材料及先進生產技術,并運用現代科學管理體制,專業生產和銷售中國gb 、美國ansi 、日本jis 、德國din 、英國bs標準的不銹鋼、銅、鐵機制螺釘、自攻螺釘、螺母;不銹鋼、銅、鐵、鋁空心鉚釘;十字槽、內六角緊定螺釘、膨脹螺栓、精密自動車床件等非標準五金制品,產品遠銷國內外市場,在廣大用戶中享有較高的信譽。
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