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            machine shop造句

            "machine shop"是什么意思  
            • The shop where we perform machining operations is called a machine shop .
            • A reliable machine shop can cut away a small amout of metal from the aft side of the mounting flange so that the lens will set closer to the film platen .
            • Machine shop and metal working industry training centre
            • Maintains and operates test , data acquisition and machine shop equipment
            • Machine shop ? need to organize and label parts per machine ( function ) type
            • Development of working procedure quality data analysis software in medium and small - sized machine shop
            • From machine shop to industrial laboratory . johns hopkins university press , 1992
              《從機械鋪到工業實驗室》 。約翰?霍普金斯大學出版社, 1992 。
            • He made the honor roll once , in his senior year when he landed a ' s in auto mechanics and machine shop
              也上過一次光榮榜,那是高三,汽修和金工課他得了a 。
            • Boiler truck , de - wax truck , machine shop truck , pipe trailer , acidizing truck , oil - tanker , and etc
            • Maintenance standards for civil aircraft . unit 3 : ground maintenance facilities . part 81 : machining shop
            • It's difficult to see machine shop in a sentence. 用machine shop造句挺難的
            • Based on the computer networks , an idnc - based modern integrated machining shop model has been built , and now it has been put into practice step by step
            • Hebei province xingtai new machine shop researches and develops the successful construction most newly only then wooden special - purpose ( the mx4025 + mh1540 model )
              河北省邢臺市新科機械廠最新研發成功的建筑方木專用( mx4025 + mh1540型號) 。
            • Secondly , by the use of the above shop model , a practical real integrated machining shop model has been developed for anc training center
            • The machine shop is composed of the machine tools and the material handling systems , the machine shop works as transfer the raw material to the product
            • Dpca has established stamping , welding , painting and assembling process workshops , as well as engine , transmission and car bridge machining shops
            • 670 gives sophomores in the mechanical engineering department at mit an introduction to basic machine shop tools , cad drawing , and matlab ? fundamentals
              670提供麻省理工學院的機械工程系大二學生,了解基本機械制造工具、 cad制圖和matlab ?的原理。
            • Here is our pipe prefabrication workshop ( steel structure fabrication shop , machine shop , boiler room , air compressor station , concrete mixing unit )
              這里是我們的管道預制車間(鋼結構制作廠、機械加工車間、鍋爐房、空氣壓縮機站、混凝土攪拌裝置) 。
            • Up to now , the main results as fellow . firstly , the problems of construction of integrated machining shops and their corresponding functions are addressed
            • In the practice of integrating nc tools in a machining shop , one should realize step by step under an overall planning which considering the practical problems of the shop
            • Exhibits about the social and economic history of baltimore s industries include re - creations of a print shop , a garment loft , a late 19th - century machine shop with operating belt - driven machinery and a cannery
              101個獨特的商店, 16個餐館,和40個各有特色的小食店,以及各種現場水上娛樂
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