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            • Research on power providers ' bidding strategies under pab rule
            • Pab projected available balance
            • On june 16 , 2007 , cbrc approved szcb to merge former pag subsidiary company pab and the bank was renamed sz ping an bank
            • On june 16 , 2007 , cbrc approved szcb to merge former pag subsidiary company pab and the bank was renamed shenzhen pingan bank
            • Before race , it is reported that the tropic storm pab will bring a precipitation which would affect the race , but neither it broke the schedule , nor the horses were affected by the weather
            • Through simulation we make comparison between the two pricing formats and get a conclusion that pab model can not yield reductions in wholesale electricity prices which is determined by the status of market competition
              實驗數據表明在設定的實驗數據環境下, pab模式并不能帶來總平均電價的降低,電價水平的高低由市場競爭狀態而定。
            • P ) is called an e - inversive p - semigroup if it satisfies the following main result 2 let be a normal partition of p . then x s ( p ) : for any a ? / then there exist and b " ? u " ( 6 ) such that a ' paa . b ' pab c p3 and apaa "
              接著用“核跡”方法研究s仔)上的強p同余,即證明s尸)上的任一強p同余,可以決定s尸)的一個強p同余對,反之s的任一強p同余對,可以決定s ( p )上的一個強p同余
            • The wells of elisa plate were coated with pab ( 100ng / l ) against h3n2 , then phage was added to the wells . after incubation , the wells were washed vigorously with tbst to remove nonbinding phage . phage bound to the antibody were eluted with 0 . 2mol / l glycine - hcl ( ph2 . 2 ) for 10 min at room temperature and neutrialized with 2mol / l tris - hcl ( ph9 . 1 )
              以抗h3n2流感病毒的多克隆抗體( 100ng l )包被酶標板,加入制備好的肽庫,用tbst洗去非特異結合的噬菌體,加0 . 2mol l甘氨酸-鹽酸( ph2 . 2 ) ,室溫放置10min以洗脫特異結合的噬菌體, 2mol ltris - hcl ( ph9 . 1 )中和后,取2 l噬菌體接種大腸桿菌xl1 - blue菌進行空斑滴定,其余噬菌體擴增后用于下一輪篩選,共重復3輪淘洗。
            • With the fast development of electricity markets , establishing a reasonable pricing system become more and more important to keep markets well running . especially after the failure of california electricity market and the well run of neta , more and more researcher have concentrated on the compare between mcp and pab
            • It's difficult to see pab in a sentence. 用pab造句挺難的
            如何用pab造句,用pab造句,pab in a sentence, 用pab造句和pab的例句由查查漢語詞典提供,版權所有違者必究。

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