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            • The ancestors of the genus " Crocuta " diverged from " Pachycrocuta brevirostris ", the giant short-faced hyena.
            • Sometimes included in this genus ( as " Pachycrocuta bellax " ) is the extinct giant striped hyaena, " Hyaena bellax ".
            • It has been proposed that " Pachycrocuta " was out-competed and driven to extinction by the spotted hyena, which was formerly present in Eurasia as well as Africa.
            • This was supported by the presence of two extinct hyenid species found in the Member 3 Grey breccia material, " Pachycrocuta brevirostris " and " Hyaena makapani ", as well as the abundance of hyena coprolites within these layers ( which had been well-known at the time ).
            • It's difficult to see pachycrocuta in a sentence. 用pachycrocuta造句挺難的
            如何用pachycrocuta造句,用pachycrocuta造句,pachycrocuta in a sentence, 用pachycrocuta造句和pachycrocuta的例句由查查漢語詞典提供,版權所有違者必究。

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