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            • Xenoliths are found at numerous horizons, and locally there is evidence of scour and other erosional features .
            • Significances of deep - seated xenolith in cretaceous basalt of inner mongolia
            • Lattice preffered orientation and seismic anisotropy of ultramafic xenoliths in damaping , hebei province
            • A suit of highly potassic basalt bearing deep - source xenoliths has been discovered recently in the siziwangqi area , inner mongolia
            • Significances of deep - seated xenolith in cretaceous basalt of inner mongolia significances of deep - seated xenolith in cretaceous basalt of inner mongolia
            • The xenoliths in the yangyuan , including iherzolite and harzburgite , represent the direct samples from the upper mantle beneath western north china craton
            • The lpo of main minerals of ultramafic xenoliths including spinel lherzolite , spinel harzburgite and plagioclasebearing websterite which collected from damaping , hebei province is analyzed and the seismic velocities of the rocks in
              結果表明: 1大麻坪包體中橄欖石與斜方輝石的lpo方位關系與通常所見的100
            • A great number of lherzolite xenoliths occurs within the volcanic clastics characterized by terrigenous central type eruption at tianyang , jiudouyang and yingfenglin of qingtongyang , of southern leizhou peninsula
            • Siziwangqi of inner mongolia is located on the north margin of north china craton , the junction of north china craton and siberia . granulite xenoliths are found there in cretaceous basalt . these xenoliths are mainly plagioclase - pyroxenite
            • The early tertiary alkali basalts from yangyuan which contain abundant mantle xenoliths exhibit very homogeneous sr - nd isotopes with snd = 5 . 5 . their pb isotopes are similar to those of the depleted mantle ( dm ) and their trace element characteristics resemble those of oceanic island basalts ( oib )
              含幔源包體的陽原早第三紀堿性玄武巖具有均一的sr - nd同位素組成( nd 5 . 5 ) ,其pb同位素組成與虧損地幔( dm )相似。
            • It's difficult to see xenolith in a sentence. 用xenolith造句挺難的
            • Through the ree charactheristics being studied , it suggests that the xenoliths from hannuoba , ximeng , and puning area have no the trend of lree enrichment , which ratios of lree / hree approximate 1 . therefore , , it is not different from archean lithospheric mantle
              稀土元素地球化學研究表明,漢諾壩、錫盟、普寧等地區包體則無lree富集的趨勢, lree hree接近于1 ,因此它們與太古代巖石圈地幔不同,稀土元素特征表明它們遭受了強烈虧損。
            • Based on the petrological , petrochemical and geochemical analyses about these rocks , it is concluded in this paper that the xenoliths were originated from the upper mantle , and comprised of both primitive pyrolite and the infusible solid residual of the upper pyrolite while the basaltic magma was melted out of it , which were brought up to the earth ' s surface via o1carnc eruption
            • 4 . three type of basalt is recognized in changle region : a , sapphire - embodied alkli - olivine - basalt of niushan group ( most distributed in fangshan ) , enriched with a large number of mantle - orignated xenoliths with different extent of weathering ; b , alkli - olivine - basalt of niushan group with little sapphire embodied , but contan a few mantle - orignated xenoliths usually samller than that of fangshan , most of the mantle - orignated xenoliths weathered seriously only lefting with some vacant caves , this kind of rock mostly lies in cangshan , taohuashan . and qiaoguan volcanic vent , contain amount of ilmenite ; c , olivine - basalt of yaoshan group , contain neither xenoliths nor sapphire
              4 、在昌樂地區區分出三類主要的玄武巖: a ,牛山組含礦的堿性橄欖玄武巖,位于方山,含大量的大小不一的風化蝕變程度不同的地幔巖包體; b ,牛山組幾乎不含礦的堿性橄欖玄武巖,含少量地幔巖包體,且包體一般比方山小,多數已經遭嚴重風化而只留下空洞,含有相當數量的鈦鐵礦,主要位于北巖南部的蒼山,桃花山及喬官火山口。
            • Directions are obtained by two means : calculation and measure . our investigations are summed as follows : 1 the lpo relations between olivine and orthopyroxene are different from usually situations : 100ol 001opx , 010ol 100opx , 001ol 010opx ; 2 the seismic anisotropy of the ultramafic rocks in damaping is obvious . their characters are consistent with the structures of the rocks and fabrics of minerals , which means seismic anisotropy is mainly controlled by rocks fabrics ; 3 seismic velocities suggest that the composition of upper mantle in damaping region is resemble to the xenoliths , which major component is lherzolite
            • According to the sr - nd isotopic characteristics of peridotite xenoliths and their host basalts , it indicates that xenoliths in hannuoba , puning area may represent source area of the host basalt because of the xenoliths and host rocks being in the same plot ; however , the xenoliths is not directly related to their host rocks of the others area for the xenoliths plot out of the range of their host basaltic rocks . thermal dynamics calculation shows that the peridotite xenoliths are formed in the condition of pressure of 9 . 45 - 25kb and temperature of 945 - 1281
              橄欖巖包體及其寄主玄武巖的sr - nd同位素研究表明,漢諾壩與普寧地區部分包體樣品投點落在其寄主玄武巖nd和sr同位素的分布范圍內,表明橄欖巖包體代表了寄主玄武巖的源區,而其它大部分地區的包體其寄主玄武巖范圍之外,表明寄主玄武巖和橄欖巖包體無成因聯系,橄欖巖包體只是偶然包體。
            • There are distributed a great number of cenozoic basalts and mantle derived xenoliths in north china and south china . for understanding the materials constitutes , evolution , mantle metasomatism , and inhomogeneity of the lower crust and upper mantle , there is a must of doing some research on these host basalts and the xenoliths
            • Major , trace element composition and sr - nd - pb isotopes of the cenozoic basalts from yangyuan ( hebei province ) and datong ( shanxi province ) , which are located to west of the daxinanling - taihanshan gravity lineament , as well as mineral chemistry , major and trace element composition and sr - nd isotopes of mantle xenoliths from yangyuan are reported in this thesis
              本文報道了大興安嶺-太行山重力梯度帶以西河北陽原和山西大同新生代玄武巖的元素和sr - nd - pb同位素地球化學及陽原幔源包體的礦物化學、元素和sr - nd同位素地球化學,據此對華北克拉通西部上地幔的性質和過程進行了初步討論。
            • Based on the study of correlativity of ol - opx - cpx contents in north china and south china , it shows that some peridotite xenoliths from hannuoba , pingquan , nvshan , puning , qiongbei , and niutoushan area may represent the older mantle material compositions , and some peridotite xenolith from ximeng , penglai , linqu , quzhou , mingxi , and liuhe area may represent the younger mantle material compositions
            • Because of the absence of mantle xenoliths and xenocrysts , it is the first time that this paper looks on the native heavy minerals deriving from mantle , which were collected at the terraces of the two rivers , kalakshi river and yulongkashi river , as objects and takes into account the geochemical characteristics of the rocks deriving from mantle such as keliyang lamproite and so on to study the composition of lithospheric mantle , the characterics of palaeozoic era lithospheric mantle , mantle thermal state , and diamond metallogentic mantle geological conditions in research field
            • The comparison of cenozoic basalts and their mantle xenoliths from both sides of the taihangshan gravity lineament reveals that : ( 1 ) cenozoic basalts from western and eastern north china display opposite temporal trends , suggesting lithospheric thinning in western north china during the cenozoic and lithospheric thickening in eastern north china ; ( 2 ) the lithospheric mantle in the west is mostly late - archean to proterozoic in age , whereas that in the east has a modern age with minor proterozoic age ; ( 3 ) the crust mantle transition in the west is considerably thicker than in the east , probably due to different extents of magmatic underplating
              摘要通過對比華北太行山重力梯度帶兩側新生代玄武巖及其中幔源包體的成分,發現: ( l )華北東、西部新生代玄武巖具有相反的演化趨勢,說明新生代以來西部巖石圈逐漸減薄,而東部巖石圈逐漸加厚; ( 2 )西部巖石圈地幔組成相對復雜,年齡多為晚太古代元古代;而東部巖石圈地幔組成相對單一,年齡多為現代值,少數為元古代; ( 3 )西部殼幔過渡帶較厚而東部較薄,反映兩地不同的巖漿底侵作用程度。
            如何用xenolith造句,用xenolith造句,xenolith in a sentence, 用xenolith造句和xenolith的例句由查查漢語詞典提供,版權所有違者必究。

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