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            • "He is a xenophobe, " she said.
            • There is no law against being repugnant or a xenophobe.
            • On the dais last year was Joerg Haider, the Austrian xenophobe.
            • Center-left leaders in turn seek to portray Berlusconi as an intolerant xenophobe.
            • To detractors, Tancredo, the grandson of Italian immigrants, is a xenophobe.
            • In 2004 " Xenophobe " was included in Xbox and Nintendo GameCube.
            • He is no xenophobe or racist.
            • Dong Fuxiang was a xenophobe and hated foreigners, wanting to drive them out of China.
            • In # 5, she is seen in bed with the reformed xenophobe Earth-Man.
            • If a person has a phobia against foreigners ( xeno ), could he be called xenophobe?
            • It's difficult to see xenophobe in a sentence. 用xenophobe造句挺難的
            • He hasn't claimed that he is a xenophobe and hates immigrants, but he is and does.
            • He added that even though he was opposed to multiculturalism, he was not a xenophobe or a racist.
            • This hepointed out was despite the great blot cast on the whole state by its mostprominent xenophobe-Pauline Hanson.
            • It may seem a bit odd that the man considered a xenophobe by so many should be courting the Muslim world.
            • Again, I'm treated as disrespectful but users like Casaforra have been making personal attacks and xenophobe comments publicly.
            • On April 8, 2005, Landsburg debated protectionism and free trade with xenophobe " due to his opposition to free trade.
            • Paisley, 72, a flamboyant fundamentalist preacher, has often been publicly described by his opponents as a xenophobe and a fascist.
            • Ever the isolationist and protectionist xenophobe, Buchanan asserts that America's participation in World Wars I and II was totally unnecessary.
            • When Austria's voters put the xenophobe Jorg Haider near the seat of power, Europe got together and forced his ostracism.
            • Their influence on society is enormous and they cannot appear in a photograph with someone who is a xenophobe, delinquent and racist,
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