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            • But many other countries show signs of xenophobia
            • Excessive patriotism can lead to xenophobia
            • Protectionism and xenophobia should be fought wherever they spring up
            • Protectionism and xenophobia should be fought wherever they spring up
            • Protectionism and xenophobia should be fought wherever they spring up
            • When the refugee arrived in america , he was unprepared for xenophobia he found there
            • The un gathering is expected to acchieve a real breakthtough against racism , xenophobia and intolerance
            • This dialogue is meant to protect our societies , particularly the youth , from xenophobia , ethnic or religious intolerance
              三,辦理并發放打工證17 ,打工證的辦理、發放或注銷由地方內務機關執行。
            • The hrc special rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism , racial discrimination , xenophobia and related intolerance , doudou dine , visited our country in june
            • There are some who will try to pervert this precedent and use xenophobia or nativist arguments to say that every country should be held to the same standard
            • It's difficult to see xenophobia in a sentence. 用xenophobia造句挺難的
            • Widespread illiteracy is a breeding ground for the advocates of inter - civilizational strife , xenophobia and national and religious extremism , and in the final analysis for international terrorist activities
            • At the same time , a number of fairly good decisions were adopted on humanitarian issues , including those aimed at promoting tolerance and the fight against xenophobia , the revival of neo - nazism , and trade in humans
            • " in this difficult period where intolerance , racism , xenophobia , anti - semitism and fanaticism are again manifesting themselves , it is essential for cinema to help us recall the horror of the unspeakable .
              “在這個不容異說、種族歧視、仇外主義、反猶太主義、宗教狂熱再一次交織呈現的艱難時期,用電影幫助我們回憶無法形容的恐懼是重要的。 ”
            • If forgetfulness , xenophobia and a whole host of the other eccentricities that make up a person ' s character become optional traits rather than inevitable ones , people will be more inclined to discriminate against the bearers of those traits
              如果健忘的話,仇外和一系列怪癖,造就了可選擇的而不是必然的某個人的性格特質, ,人們將更傾向于歧視具有那些特質的人。
            • Racism and xenophobia are growing at an alarming rate in russia , civil rights groups said yesterday , fuelled by economic hardship and the government ' s failure to come up with a plan for reducing ethnic tensions
            • Several millenniums of self - sufficiency had bred in these people a deep - seated xenophobia , so that even when repeated defeats . in foreign wars made them look to the west for some quick , practical remedy for the country ' s ills , they did so with the greatest reluctance not a little resentment
            • Interestingly , perhaps as a result of having been brought up in a colonial environment , i have observed , admittedly from a narrower perspective , an opposite phenomenon : a xenophilia opposite of xenophobia mentality in our part of the developing world that manifests itself in a developed economy bias in the assets that we hold
            如何用xenophobia造句,用xenophobia造句,xenophobia in a sentence, 用xenophobia造句和xenophobia的例句由查查漢語詞典提供,版權所有違者必究。

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