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            • Based on these results , hirudoid ointment is considered to be a useful drug for the treatment of senile xerosis
            • Common agents for the treatment of senile xerosis are moisturizing ointments or ointments containing steroids and urea
            • Foot guard essence : it contains bio - grease , ve , vb and the other active factors . it can repair xerosis cutis , whiten and protect skin
              護足精華素:含生物脂、 ve 、 vb等多元活力因子,能修護皮膚干燥皸裂、美白護膚。
            • It is recorded by essential oil complete works that ginseng essential oil can relieve xerosis cutis , improve cutaneous circulation and promote metabolism
            • Therefore a urea - containing ointment , established and approved in the treatment of senile xerosis was chosen as a comparator to evaluate the efficacy of hirudoid
            • It is recorded by essential oil complete works that lavender essential oil has functions such as relieving xerosis cutis , balancing mood , promoting sleeping , relieving headache and killing insects
            • It's difficult to see xerosis in a sentence. 用xerosis造句挺難的
            如何用xerosis造句,用xerosis造句,xerosis in a sentence, 用xerosis造句和xerosis的例句由查查漢語詞典提供,版權所有違者必究。

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