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            • Tera xtal s engineers are prepared to review and discuss your special requirements
            • Tera xtal manufactures a variety of oxide single crystal wafers for wireless communication , opto - electronic and light emitting diode ( led ) applications
            • Employees at tera xtal take great pride on every wafer manufactured from our production line as they represent our dedication towards quality excellence and teamwork
            • Tera xtal technology corporation earns iso 9001 certification . january 12 , 2002 ( taipei , taiwan ) tera xtal technology corporation today announces that it has been officially certified as an iso 9001 - compliant manufacturer of " single crystal wafers "
            • The short time it took to produce its first 4 - inch ingot is not only a testimony to the competency of tera xtal s engineering team , but also represent a step forward towards change in the japanese and american domination of the crystal growth industry
              有別于半導體用的矽晶,鉭酸鋰屬于硬脆的氧化物材料,融點高達1650 ;長晶的生產難度相當高,其關鍵在于人才、技術與經驗的長期培養。
            • Upon its establishment tera xtal managed to recruit the top technical personnel in crystal growth and wafer processing fields . their first mission was to manufacture the lithium tantalate crystal substrate for the rf saw filters used in the wireless applications
            • Taipei , taiwan ) at the dawn of the new century , tera xtal successfully produces taiwan s first 4 - inch lithium tantalate crystal ingot . this event marks an important milestone in the material industry of taiwan as it represents a self - developed technology breakthrough on a key material product
            • Tera xtal s release of 4 - inch product is well timed to meet the higher market demand stemmed from the wide - adoption of cellular phones in the developed and developing countries . with guidance from prof . yu huang of national tsing hua university s crystal growth laboratory , the crystal growth team at tera xtal first gained invaluable experience over the past 8 months by using the garage - version of a crystal puller in countless test growth trials of 3 " lithium tantalate crystals
            • " having obtained the iso 9001 certification not only demonstrates tera xtal has established the basis for continual improvement and business excellence , but more importantly it reflects our total commitment to our customers for delivering high quality and consistently reliable products that meet or exceed their expectations , " said yu huang , ph . d . , chairman and ceo of tera xtal technology corporation
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