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          1. 查電話號碼 繁體版 English DefinitionFrancais日本語DefinitionРусский ???
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            • Development and application of new type flocculants of xw
            • Xw industrial washing machine is a new generation of washing machine , suitable to wash clothings and fabrics of cotton , wool , bast fibres and blendings with chemical ibres in schools , guesthouses , inns , hospitals
            • After renaturation , the biological activity of mviia is nearly 100 % of that of natural one ; the activity of hm - 1227 is less than t | iat of hwtx - i ; however , hm - xw cannot block the neuromuscul ar transmission in an isolated mouse phrenic nerve - diaphragm preparation
              復性后的mv a摘要生物學活性接近天然mvlla的100 % ;嵌合體hm一1227的活性小于hwtx一i的15 % ;而嵌合體fd以一xw不能阻斷小鼠隔神經一隔肌的接頭傳遞。
            • This article uses advanced cad / cae software - - - ug , adams and ansys to build the integrated system platform based on theory of dynamics of multibody system for the purpose of resolving the engineering problems of general retarder design , and analyses the performance of xw - 8175 - 11 planet - cycloid retarder
              本論文針對行星齒輪減速機構設計中存在的問題并根據實際工程需要,在多體動力學理論基礎上,利用cad cae軟件ug 、 adams以及ansys構建了集成的系統平臺,并在此基礎上,對xw - 8175 -型擺線針輪減速機構進行了性能仿真。
            • It's difficult to see xw in a sentence. 用xw造句挺難的
            如何用xw造句,用xw造句,xw in a sentence, 用xw造句和xw的例句由查查漢語詞典提供,版權所有違者必究。

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