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            yah lin trie造句

            • Charles Yah Lin Trie and plain Yah Lin Trie.
            • Charles Yah Lin Trie and plain Yah Lin Trie.
            • Yah Lin Trie _ came together through Ickes.
            • Yah Lin Trie and " Johnny"
            • Yah Lin Trie and Johnny Chung.
            • Charles Yah Lin Trie owned a Chinese restaurant in Little Rock frequented by Clinton in the 1980s.
            • Yah Lin Trie, former owner of a Chinese restaurant in Little Rock frequented by then-Gov . Bill Clinton.
            • The focus, committee officials say, will be on the activities of John Huang and Yah Lin Trie, neither of whom will testify.
            • The witnesses include Man Ling Foung of Fairfield, Calif ., the sister of Yah Lin Trie, known as " Charlie"
            • They said the inquiry has documented more active and substantial contacts between fund raisers like Yah Lin Trie and Chinese officials than was previously known.
            • It's difficult to see yah lin trie in a sentence. 用yah lin trie造句挺難的
            • Other potential witnesses, like Charles Yah Lin Trie, whom Republican investigators believe to be involved in illicit campaign contributions, have left the country.
            • He cited the inability to get testimony from numerous key figures, such as controversial Democratic fund-raisers John Huang and Charles Yah Lin Trie.
            • The latest disclosures center on Charles Yah Lin Trie, an Arkansas restaurateur who runs a trading company with offices in Little Rock, Washington and Beijing.
            • But Charles Yah Lin Trie, another Clinton friend from Little Rock, received more of a pat on the back when he embarrassed Clinton last year.
            • That was a feat for Trie, whose full name is Yah Lin Trie, because he had only a few connections in the New York City area.
            • It shows Clinton with Brown, Ng, and Yah Lin Trie, a fund-raiser who has become a central figure in the campaign finance investigation.
            • Last year The Associated Press disclosed special assignments in the Hubbell case as well as a case involving Charlie Yah Lin Trie, a Clinton fund-raiser.
            • The others declining to cooperate are former Democratic fund-raiser John Huang, former White House aide Mark Middleton and Clinton fund-raiser Charles Yah Lin Trie.
            • The shadiest cash came from a trio whose names feature prominently in the Senate's chart : John Huang, Charles Yah Lin Trie, and Johnny Chung.
            • _Yah Lin Trie, known as Charlie Trie, who owned a Chinese restaurant in Little Rock, Ark ., that Clinton frequented when he was governor.
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