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            • Critics of the yalta agreements tend to forget that the russian, also, made substantial concessions .
            • Stalin agreed at yalta to hold free elections in poland, and that's a serious commitment .
            • It is a shadow commonplace that roosevelt was "outsmarted" at the later conference in yalta and gave away too much to stalin .
            • Take only one example - the yalta deal
            • A study on yalta agreement , china - ussr treaty and chongqing negotiation
            • Conference at yalta and establishment of german reparations policy
            • The yalta system ' s impact on the postwar international relations
            • Re - recognition of the relations between the forming of yalta system and china
            • This error was particulary magnified by the fact that by the time of yalta we already had japan beaten
            • American - soviet far east strategy and the formation of the policy of quot; both supporting chiang kai - shek quot; before the yalta conference
            • It's difficult to see yalta in a sentence. 用yalta造句挺難的
            • It is a shadow commonplace that roosevelt was " outsmarted " at the later conference in yalta and gave away too much to stalin
              有人認為羅斯福后來在雅爾塔會議上“受了騙” ,向斯大林作了過多的讓步,這是一種膚淺的老聲常談。
            • After the peaceful end of the cold war , the yalta system disintegrated . the world order comes into historical era of changes and reconstructions
            • An objective assessment of the yalta agreements reached in 1945 is no less important if we want to understand history and the results of world war ii
            • After world war two , according to the arrangement and power comparison of great nations , the yalta system characterized by bipolarity was formed
            • World war ii : president franklin d . roosevelt and british prime minister winston churchill leave to meet with soviet leader joseph stalin at the yalta conference
              1945年的今天,第二次世界大戰中,總統弗蘭克林? d ?羅斯福和英國首相溫斯頓?丘吉爾動身前往雅爾塔會議去會見蘇堆埃的首領約瑟夫?斯大林。
            • During the yalta negotiations , the soviet union firmly came out in favour of preserving germanys statehood and integrity . soviet people fought nazism , not the german nation for whom they felt no hatred
            • The biggest converse change of geopolitic environment , which had occurred since moscow dukedom , arising from the disorganization of ussr , has a greater effect on russia than yalta agreement on ussr signed at the close of world war ii . consequently geopolitik plays an important role in the course of russian diplomatic decision - making
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