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            yankee doodle造句

            "yankee doodle"是什么意思  
            • We sang these lines to the tune of yankee doodle .
            • We sang these lines to the tune of yankee doodle
            • It ' s up to you , yankee doodle . - i don ' t want to do that . .
              由你決定, yankee doodle -我不想做這個
            • Now listen here , yankee doodle dandy
            • Yesterday ' s 12 - 0 victory over the angels was another yankee doodle slugfest , the latest reminder of how explosive this lineup can be , and it had the stadium buzzing
            • Yankee doodles : andy phillips will undergo arthroscopic surgery in the coming weeks to repair some torn cartilage in his knee , though cashman didn ' t specify which knee it was . . .
            • It's difficult to see yankee doodle in a sentence. 用yankee doodle造句挺難的
            如何用yankee doodle造句,用yankee doodle造句,yankee doodle in a sentence, 用yankee doodle造句和yankee doodle的例句由查查漢語詞典提供,版權所有違者必究。

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