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Live Data Acquisition

Live Data Acquisition: Real-time forensic acquisition from computers, servers, database and email server applications that can't be taken offline or leave your site.

When time is of the essence, systems are constantly running or you have a limited time-frame to capture evidence from a suspect computer our live data acquisition meets your deadlines and ensures electronic evidence maintains evidentiary status by validating MD5 hash values.

Secure, Confidential, Encrypted:

A computer forensic examiner connects to your system utilizing secure, end-to-end, 256-bit SSL encryption to capture a forensically sound image to a target destination. Once the live, data acquisition is complete the forensic image is given to a computer forensic investigator, corporate council or law enforcement for evidence analysis.

Live data capture and real-time evidence acquisition meets the needs of both computer forensic investigations and E-discovery demands in a more timely and efficient manner.

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